Apartment Hunting Tips NYC! Welcome To The Big Apple!

It’s that time of year for hunting for an NYC apartment as you’ve graduated from college, or just got re located to a great job in New York City and you need an apartment rental!

First thing to consider is your budget and how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want and or need.

Next look at where you’ll be working and note what subways and or buses are the nearest to your job.

The fastest and easiest but not necessarily the cheapest way is hire a licensed real estate broker.

I checked Corcoran Real Estate and found several one bedroom apartments in in the various boroughs for under $2,000 a month.
Corcoran Real Estate Website

Take the time to check other top rated brokers as some building have exclusives with  a single NYC apartment broker. I looked at Yelp for reviews.
Yelp Reviews of NYC Apartment Brokers

NYC  Brownstone In Greenwich VIllage

NYC Brownstone In Greenwich VIllage

In Manhattan you are looking to pay for a studio or one bedroom roughly $1200 and up ( usually up). You can get apartments for less than that if you look at Brooklyn, The Bronx and Staten Island and don’t forget New Jersey!

If you are looking to save the brokers fee it’s time for you to hit the web!

My first stop would be any friends that already live in Manhattan and ask them for leads and contacts.

After following through on those leads, I suggest walking the neighborhood you want to live in. Look for to rent signs ( this is how I found my apartment). Talk to supers as they often know of vacancies happening.

Check websites like Craigslist. Yes there are scams, but there are also legitimate apartments from smaller buildings and landlords that prefer to rent apartments themselves.

Also be sure and check Yelp as I found a nice list of brokers that are no fee brokers to help you get a Manhattan rental.
Yelp No Fee Manhattan Apartment Brokers List

Be clear and specific about what you want in your new home,

  1. Make a list of amenities that are key for you and ones where you have some flexibility.
  2. Contact a broker if that’s your choice remembering there are fee and no fee brokers. Do consider brokers can save you an enormous amount of time and can potentially protect you from scams.
  3. Get on social media and contact NYC friends for tips.
  4. Walk the neighborhoods you want to live in looking for rent signs and chat with superintendents of neighborhood buildings.
  5. Take note of the nearest subways and buses.

Anyone living in NYC has a story to tell about how they found their home!

Welcome to the greatest city in the world!

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