Before You Buy Another Dress Read This!

We all went a little wild in December with parties and gift giving. It’s the Holiday season and many of  us enjoy it with some excesses here and there.

Then the month of January arrives!

I don’t know about you but in January I look at myself in the mirror. I jump on the scale to see my weight and I look at my credit cards and bank balance!
January is a great time to take stock. We look at ourselves, our jobs, our homes and our finances and we think.

January is a time to take stock!

January is a time to take stock!

“How am I going to make this all work?”

Wow, don’t costs always seem to rise faster than our paychecks!

Nice clothes are expensive.  Gorgeous clothes and fashion are the heartbeat of NYC. The fashion industry lives and thrives in NYC. So the savvy city shopper thinks, “How do I afford great clothes and stay in my budget?” The solution that many a wise New Yorker has made is simple, we buy and wear fashionable used clothing!

Thousands of people are shopping at thrift and consignment stores.

They are finding their favorite brands at a fraction of the price that they would pay new! I sell gently used fabulous brands on eBay. I ship dresses, tops, pants, hats and gowns all around the world to shoppers that want to look stunning on a budget.
A dress that would cost well over $200 new can be found on eBay for under $90 with free shipping. That’s less than half the original retail cost!

Buying gently used fashion is a big money saver!

Buying gently used fashion is a big money saver!

Vintage fashion is all the rage. Vintage is used clothing from days gone by. Learn from chic New Yorkers and shop used. Buying top styles from me and other sellers on eBay you can look fabulous and be kind to your wallet! No one know but you that the amazing dress you’re wearing came to you with some pre worn love!

Some dresses I sell are new with tags, as NYC is full of super sales for savvy shoppers like you and me!

Clothes with pre worn love!

Clothes with pre worn love!

Isn’t it nice to look awesome and still have money in the bank! Happy New Year!

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