Best Weight Loss diets – why they work or dont

ethics-scaleBest Weight Loss diets – why they work or dont

Great weight loss diets offer food plans that can be tailored to the individuals needs & lifestyle. They also factor in age & sex.
BUT what they dont factor in is you.
Yes you. You are the problem or solution.
How much do I WANT to lose weight? Enough to walk an extra 10  minutes a day?
For 5  days during the week?
Enough to enjoy a carrot instead of a french fry….do I? Will I?
Yes its all bout me. How I stay motivated .. or dont.
So yea I need a good food plan chosen to work.. and I need to be just as focused if not more on being motivated.

This weeks motivation tip…. strip naked & look at yourself in the mirror. Honestly. Look. That is your body now.
If it helps you take a picture. No one need see the picture but you.
That is how you look.
Now shut your eyes.. and imagine your body 5lbs lighter ( yes I know you want to lose 10, 20.. but lets consider 5)
OK got that in your mind. Good. Hold that in your mind this week as you make choices… that is what you’re aiming for.
Im doing the same thing. Ill be blogging over the next few months on what is helping & what isnt.
We, you, me can do this. It starts with me. STAY MOTIVATED. What will motivate me today.
Today- when Im tempted to eat something Id rather not.. Im thinking of that image of myself without my clothes on. I want to change that.
For today. Find what will motivate you today. Hold that thought/picture.
Check back.. we can do this.