What Happens When The Kids Are Back In School?

What happens when the kids are back in school? This is a very important question that NYC parents ask each other and are joined by parents all across the United States and around the world!

The best answer that I have found after hours and hours of research is that once the kids are back in school, the parents rush to the stores to enjoy shopping for themselves!

Tidal Rise

All kidding aside this past month has been a mass of hectic trips to stores for all kinds of supplies, electronics, sports equipment, shoes and clothes for our children. We love our kids and want them to be outfitted and equipped with the best!

School has started, and it's time for the parents!

We want the best for our kids, but now it’s our turn!

Once school starts parents need to to rest a bit. After a brief pause then it’s the right time for Mom and Dad to hit the internet and pick up some goodies for themselves!

This is the perfect time I find to pick up some Fall separates to update my wardrobe and get a mental pick me up!

Look at this awesome vibrant blue twist top! If I pair this top up with a pencil skirt or slacks and I have 2 whole new looks. I totally love that, don’t you?!

I can even go casual with this blue top and put it over a jeans or with a jean skirt! Wow that’s 4 looks to update my look all from 1 top!
Plus Size Blue Top
Perfect Fall Blue Top! 

At times I do find myself longing to buy something that is a Fall color like maroon!
faux wrap top red 1
Perfect faux wrap maroon top for layering this Fall!

I see a faux wrap top as a great Fall fashion layering choice. I can wear a cami under this top now. When it gets colder later in the Fall and Winter I can layer a short or long sleeved top underneath this piece and look great and at the same time I’ll be comfortable.

With our kids off at school don’t you think it’s time to get shopping and reward ourselves with some well earned fashion goodies for the Fall?!

Now, here come the hard part! I must decide on the blue or the maroon top! Moms, which would you choose?

I worked really hard this year, I’m thinking both! Are you with me?!


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  1. Not being a parent, I can’t relate to the relief of kids getting back to school, but as a consumer, I do find it easier to do things once school’s started. I love both the tops you showed and want to know where you found them!

  2. Absolutely go for both! What I like to do this time of year is shop the summer sales — which makes sense when you live in the Florida Keys. Fashions don’t change that much from one summer to the next, and if you buy classic stuff instead of fad items, you’re good to go. And at a greatly reduced price.

  3. Interesting take on “back to school” for parents, Katherine.

    I personally don’t have children, but I do enjoy shopping for fall fashions — my favorite season!

    My vote? Get both tops!

  4. September does have that New Year feel about it for me every year.

    I vote for both, too!

  5. So glad to have the kids back in school.. which includes my 19 year old going to a Jr College and moving out, again, this summer.. I get so distracted with them during the day at home.. HUGE time suck, for sure and they are old enough to know better. urgh

  6. I agree with Carol Rundle; not being a parent, I don’t share in that excitement of sending the kids off to school LOL
    but as a consumer BOY OH BOY I LOVE THE SALES! 😀 and I love to find great deals!

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