Stop Stressing About Valentine’s Day!

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Are you prepared for Valentine’s Day?!

Step #1-What Do I Wear?!

It’s a month to Valentine’s Day! If you’re in a relationship one of the main things on your mind right now is, “What on earth am I going to wear?!”
You absolutely want that perfect outfit for a special date with your sweetheart! All of us in relationships are thinking the same thing and scrambling for fashion ideas!
Before you even get to picking  your totally awesome outfit that will make you sizzle, there are things to do to prepare!

Step #2 – Breathe!

Yes, that’s right take a few minutes ( or more) and breathe deeply. You want to be calm and collect your thoughts when chosing  exactly what you’ll want to wear for that special date night to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart.

Step #3- Casual or Party Time?

Where will you be with your date for Valentine’s Day?  Have you and your beloved already made date plans? Are you going to a movie?  If you’re going to a film, or bowling or something casual for Valentine’s Day a super flattering casual red sweater can make your skin tones pop and grab your partner’s attention paired with jeans or a skirt.

A red sweater is a perfect choice for movie date night!

A red sweater is a perfect choice for movie date night!

If you’re off for that special dinner and/ or night of  dancing at your favorite club grab your Valentine’s attention with a bodycon cocktail party dress! With a wiggle bodycon cocktail party dress you’ll both love looking at you!

The only question is do you want a bodycon dress in purple?

Purple Bodcon dress for Valentine's Day?

Purple Bodcon dress for Valentine’s Day?

Or do you prefer to wear a red bodycon dress on Valentine’s Day?

Do you prefer a red bodycon dress for Valentine's Day?

Do you prefer a red bodycon dress for Valentine’s Day?

Step #4- You’re A Winner!

Whether you’re headed to a fun night watching a film in a vibrant red sweater, or partying in a purple or red bodycon dress with thoughtful planning now, Valentine’s Day is sure to be a winner and wonderful day and night for you and you’re beloved!

Breathe, plan, enjoy!


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